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Sektion Phykologie der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft
Photos: A. Enge (left), A. Donner (right)


                                         Registration is closed.


                         The University of Rostock is honoured to host

                                 the 15th Scientific Conference of the

                    Phycology Section of the German Botanical Society

        (Sektion Phykologie der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft, DBG)

                                 from February 23th to 26th 2014.


The conference will take place in the World Heritage city Stralsund at the

                                  Deutsches Meeresmuseum located

                                     in the gothic Katharinenkloster.


Feel free to pass on this conference information to others who may be interested.

                                 Please use this Poster and Flyer.



Deutsches Meeresmuseum at the Katharinenkloster (Photo: Deutsches Meeresmuseum)

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